C-Suite Services

Our portfolio of services includes C-Suite consultation for growing specialty contracting firms seeking guidance throughout strategic planning initiatives including organizational clarity, employee engagement, business development, transition management, and investment processes.

For more than 20 Years

With more than 20 years working experience in the specialty contracting segment, we can provide your company with a fresh perspective and proven processes for:

Leadership Team


Leadership Strategies
For individuals or teams, our proven processes for review and reporting to deliver effective leadership objectives is designed for attainable success.

Strategic Planning

Development & Execution

Strategic Planning & Execution
Many of our clients are preoccupied with the day-to-day responsibilities of running a business. For long-term viability, strategic plan development and executable action items will drive growth and prosperity.

Organizational Clarity

Not only for efficiency, also for employee ownership strategies and competency, clarity for an organization and its employees is critical. We offer the following organizational services:

  • Key Accountabilities
  • Company Glossary
  • Process Flow Chart

Employee Engagement

Attracting and retaining employees is becoming more challenging than ever for contractors. Our services are designed to help you better engage your current employees, and attract new talents for a more consistent staff with:

  • Improved Talent Attraction Strategies
  • Consistent Talent Engagement
  • Rewarding Talent Development
  • Improved Communication Plans – both internally and externally

Business Development

Stratelign has years of experience in business development. Our philosophy is one that implements the best of traditional methods and approaches while leveraging the technology available to improve efficiencies and results with:

  • Sales team building
  • Sales process development
  • CRM implementation
  • Execution

Transitional Management

Our team works with yours to provide a third party resource for valuation, mediation and trusted guidance throughout the stages necessary for successful transition.


Stratelign will independently analyze an organization’s financial standing and processes to establish attainable short-term strategies, and long-term attainable goals that may include:  

  • Improved Budgeting Processes
  • Healthy Investment Options
  • Debt- bank RFP
  • Equity (private)

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