K-12 Services

Project Procurement/Process Management

Our decades-long experience in working with school districts on LED Lighting, Solar Energy, HVAC, Building Automation and Preventative Maintenance projects provide the objective knowledge necessary for K-12 school leaders. From initial objectives through project proposal and construction management, Stratelign assists school leadership while working with their professional services teams to refine:

  • Scope development
  • RFP/RFQ strategy/development
  • Relevant insurance, accounting and legal considerations
  • Rebates
  • Response grading matrix
  • Contract development/review
  • Performance guaranty development
  • Construction management

Operational Performance

For existing or new facility systems assessments, accurate performance evaluations are necessary for short- and long-term planning. They are necessary for the substantiation of new or past projects. Stratelign partners with school leadership to provide:

  • Facility maintenance plan evaluation
  • Facility master plan evaluation
  • Facility energy analysis

Leadership Support

Facility assessments and reporting for improved energy efficiencies based on equipment performance and maintenance, let alone needs for new construction, often requires technical knowledge as a basis for discussion. As part of our commitment to school leaders, Stratelign offers to serve in roles of:

  • CFO support
  • Superintendent support/advisor
  • Strategic Board advisor

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