About Us

Stratelign is a results-oriented, purpose-driven specialty advisory firm. With leadership experience, and relevant knowledge, our focus is to provide experience-based perspectives to K-12 school corporations along with healthcare, commercial and industrial facilities seeking best-value in energy and construction projects. For the specialty contracting services industry, Stratelign teams with key decision makers to develop excellence poised for controlled growth.

About Our Founding

Stratelign was founded by Bob McKinney in 2018. Through more than 20 years in construction and energy services,  McKinney worked with great teams to build and sell three companies.

Following the most recent sale, McKinney created Stratelign to focus on his professional passions being K-12 energy services master planning, and growing specialty contracting firms seeking C-Suite advisory services focusing on strategic planning, leadership team assembly, business development, and investment.

With real experience and practical knowledge of products and processes, Stratelign knows there are established approaches, using proven methodologies for schools and contracting firms to address their most challenging endeavors.

“For our clients, tomorrow can look the way they want it. Our people, processes, experience and relationships help make that a reality.” – Bob McKinney, Stratelign founder

Noblesville Schools

From project scope to completion for Noblesville Schools, energy savings with solar, LED…

Our Founder, Bob McKinney

Bob McKinney has been leading and growing companies in the construction, real estate, and energy industries for nearly 25 years. Upon graduating from Oglethorpe University with a BA in Economics, Bob spent several years with real estate development firm Pittman Partners. During his time with Pittman, he gained valuable knowledge of account, project, and operations management while developing residential living communities around the greater Indianapolis area. The experience and insight gained through Pittman led him to launch R.W. McKinney Companies in 2001.

Bob oversaw the growth of R.W. McKinney Companies from a construction firm that generated $1M of revenue in year one to a multifaceted organization encompassing holding, development, construction, service, and brokerage with over $25M in annual sales. He built the firm by delivering on promises and honoring the relationships developed throughout his career.

Bob entered the energy services world in 2012. He was hired by Johnson-Melloh (JM) to transform and expand their mechanical service platform and simultaneously advance Johnson Melloh Solutions (JMS) as an energy industry leader. The company was in the early stages of restructuring a long-standing mechanical contractor into two distinct companies with JM remaining focused on mechanical service and JMS delivering strategic energy options. Bob was tasked with identifying areas of opportunity to package services in mechanical construction, mechanical and electrical service, and energy solutions to align with the specific needs of each client. Bob acted as Partner, President and Chief Operating Officer through his tenure with JM and JMS, tripling JM’s revenue while being consistently recognized as one of Star Media’s Top Workplaces. A highlight of his time with JM was the development of the largest airport-based solar farm in the world located at the Indianapolis International Airport.

Post-sale of the Johnson Melloh companies, Bob is focusing on his passions of advising public entities (K-12 & Municipal Governments) on energy projects and leveraging his entrepreneurial background in specialty contracting and energy services to consult with companies seeking to achieve growth through a targeted approach. To date, Stratelign’s public customers have built projects which will generate nearly $10 million in operational and energy savings. Stratelign’s private clients are realizing desired and defined outcomes while enhancing their cultures.

Bob has built a successful, varied career living by a simple mantra- serve in a positive and communicative manner to bring a win/win scenario to every engagement whether that is with employees, customers, or a company. Diverse experience and training allow Bob to effectively lead strategy development, project planning and business development. Whether the customer is in the public or private sector, Bob has the wherewithal to glean an effective implementation strategy to meet customer expectations.

Bob believes his primary purpose is loving and contributing to his family. He has been married 24 years to his best friend, Jackie, and together they strive to positively impact each other, their 4 daughters, friends, family, and community. In addition, Bob enjoys reading, exercise, boating and traveling.